A downloadable game for Windows

  • The project is stopped for a while but i will return! :p
  • LAST VERSION RELEASE AT : 18/10/2015

PROJECT XY is my first game I've ever done in my life in Game Maker Studio, so I put it out for free, is a game based on the old game Asteroids because I "lost" so many hours playing this game when I was a kid. In the future I plans to develop a version for Android.


Install instructions

The game is running at 800x600 resolution and dont need to install any setup just download and execute, is very light, he is not yet 100%, I will update with more power-ups, enemies, boss battle?, better sprites, highscore and a bunch of other things.

This is my first game, so, be patient,

You can send me suggestion to this email: reynnan-viktor@hotmail.com


ProjectXY.exe 11 MB

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